Ah, Mondays....

No...I'm not going to quote Office Space.

A friend sent me a message today. She said this e-card *was* her day....

Happy Tuesday!


Meandering mix of not....

If you like house music, you can get two mixes from Mertz here and two mixes from jphlip here.


Unless you don't like house music...then I got nothin' for ya.

Oooh...except Cameron McGill is playing the Cowboy Monkey this Thursday night at 9pm. You know, just a little warm-up gig before playing Lollapalooza up in Chicago next weekend....


Unless you don't like Indie/Folk/Psychedelic music. Then I got nothin' for ya....

Except if you like bingo and adult beverages, because then you might want to check out Boltini's Tuesday night bingo. I heard about it on From Bard to Verse on WEFT a few weeks ago.


Unless you don't like bingo. Then you might enjoy this local blog, OpeningBlands, which is completely bizarre.


Unless you don't like bizarre, and in that case, I have no idea why you still reading this....

My first political crush of the season

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer was on Rachel Maddow's AAR show Tuesday morning (If you happen to read this before 8am Wednesday morning, you can listen to the show here for free. After 8am, they will replace the file with Wednesday's show.). Schweitzer, a regular guest on Maddow's morning show, was her last guest this morning. Rachel and Schweitzer began to talk about war---Iraq, the Middle East, Afghanistan. Rachel asked him why he thought the Dems weren't actually talking about war and instead were making college tax credits the centerpiece of their campaign strategy. She asked why if the Republicans are going to run on war, why isn't the Democratic party talking about the war?
Well, first off, someone has to stand up and say....this is going to sound a little bit kooky, but Cheney was down in Florida for a member of Congress---I don't know why Cheney would add value to anybody (Rachel laughs), if they want him they can have him.... Bottom line: he was saying "See! We were right by being in Iraq because look what's happening in Israel." Now you try and connect those dots.

I think we have an *explosive* situation in the Middle East right now, and the consolation is the direction that we have taken. I'm going to say this out loud and some people aren't going to like it. I'm going to point a finger at you and you're gonna have to look in the mirror if you are listening to me on the radio. We are in Kuwait because you use oil. We will be in Kuwait as long as you use oil. Kuwait is a military base that has more military strategic importance than anyplace on the planet. It's more important for us to have a base in Kuwait than it is in *Germany* or *South Korea* and we do have a very strong and significant base there. We will be there for a very long period of time. But that doesn't mean we're in Iraq. That means we can control the area and control the flow of oil as long as we have folks in Kuwait and any of you who thinks that's a bad idea, well then, you better start by doing something at home. Are you riding a bicycle to work today? Have you bought a Hybrid? Are you running a little diesel car? Are you running biodiesel? Are you supporting Brian Schweitzer in his ethanol, biodiesel, wind power, and coal-to-liquids power plant in Montana? Cuz if you're not doing those things and you are complaining about us having our military engagement *in* Kuwait and having control of the oil---40% of the world's oil goes through that Strait of Hormuze in the Persian Gulf---well, then *you're* not connecting the dots.
I've been impressed with Schweitzer for a while. And this morning, he really piqued my interest. I'm gonna have to learn more about him. Schweitzer lived in the Middle East and speaks Arabic. He's a red-state Dem, with knowledge of the area and the people in the Middle East, he's liberal, he's got executive experience. He's a relative unknown (which tends to be where successful presidential candidates come from---the unknown).

I miss Lost....

Okay. I won't put all the spoilers here. You'll have to jump through hoops to read this stuff so you can't blame me if you don't want to see any spoilers.

Season Three spoilers originally from TVGuide.com. Highlight the white on white text to read it.

Season Three scoops from ComCon via ComingSoon.com. Here's a few tidbits from that one that aren't technically spoilers:
  • They have 4 to 5 seasons planned out, and they knew the beginning and ending from the start. Going beyond 5 seasons would be stretching it, they said.
  • If they introduce a question on the show, they already know the answer.
  • They do look at fans' reactions and that does affect how they do things on the show.
  • On the season two DVD, you can expect one feature which has all of Sawyer's famous lines!
Really shaky video on YouTube of Rachel Blake, a protester and part of the Lost Experience

First "pod" of Lost shows starts in October, runs six weeks, then the second pod of shows starts after the new year.

I don't know if I can wait....

Clerks II review on the ViewAskew board

I, of course, thought it opened *next* weekend.... Here's a secondhand report from MrPlough, a poster at the prestigious "Jizz Mopper" level on the Kevin Smith messageboard:
So, I got an E-mail just a few moments ago from a friend/former co-worker of mine. I worked with this person about the time I got back from V-thon. He let me know that he didn't enjoy Clerks II very much and that he didn't agree it was as good as I said it was.

He then went on to explain why. See I guess the Donkey scene made his girlfriend puke in the theater.

In case you missed it, let me type it again The donkey scene made my friends girlfriend puke in the theater

Now my friend enjoyed the movie up until that point, and even went on to say he would have probably really liked it had his g/f not ralphed.

I just wanted to point out the only way someone can not enjoy this film is if they puke in the theater they are watching it in.

I'm still chuckeling as I type this


Good, maybe the geese on North Prospect will find it....

The N-G has a story about how the Champaign County Forest Preservation won a grant to help create a 1.5 acre wetland near Homer Lake.

Random interconnections

Went for sushi for lunch on Friday. Saw this little guy:

I saw on chambana LiveJournal that Hinode is closing downtown and the a new place is opening up: Sushi Kame.

Apparently, kame means "turtle"....

Don't forget about $1 sushi night at Ko-Fusion.... Very tasty, indeed. Different selections are available for $1 on Mondays. Go with some friends and order a roll of everything they got for a dollar and split it amongst yourselves.


If you listen to podcasts, you'll like this

I listen to a lot of podcasts though iTunes while I'm working. My supervisor sent me a link to AmigoFish where you can rate the podcasts that you listen to and get suggestions for other podcasts you might like based on your favorite podcasts.


Kevin Smith vs. Joel Siegel

Apparently, Joel Siegel walked out of a press screening of Clerks II---and was loud and disruptive when doing so. Kevin Smith wrote about it on his blog, My Boring Ass Life.
Check this shit out: roughly forty minutes into the flick, when Randal orders up the third act donkey show, Siegel bellowed to his fellow critics "“Time to go!"’ and "This is the first movie I'’ve walked out of in 30 fucking years!"
Then, Kevin was on Opie and Anthony this morning and Joel called in to talk with Kevin.


I can't *wait* to see this movie....


None of the Above

So, I did a little digging and here's the link to website of Jennifer Lanier---aka "Bruce" from the birthday party I attended over the weekend. Not only is Jennifer an actress, she also does a one woman show that I'd love to see. Here's how she describes her show on her website:
Being an independent artist is the hardest job you'll ever love! It's having an image in your mind that distracts you from the conversation at hand. It's sitting down to have a cup of coffee, getting an idea and pulling out your notebook, then noticing your cell is ringing and answering it to find it's your partner wondering where the hell you are and realizing you've been sitting there writing for three hours, making you an hour late. But you know she'll forgive you when you read her what you wrote.

The last time that happened, the result was my solo show, "None of the Above", on biracial homes, first loves, creating the perfect wedding and figuring out which box to check. This piece lets me bring the audience into the weirdness of dueling ethnicities, the awkwardness of falling in love with ANY gender, the delight of the best lesbian wedding ever, all while keeping them laughing practically nonstop. By the time it's over, everyone feels like they went to the same high school together, that they have shared experiences with folks they never imagined sharing anything with.

I love bringing that kind of theatrical experience to audiences: to hear straight folks laughing over my first forays into the lesbian nation and black folks relating to my mother's decision to take on that racial classification to marry my father in order to circumvent miscegenation laws. I want to see white folks faces hearing my first grade teacher, Mrs. Wiseman, explain that we are "NEGROES" and I want to feel the grins of recognition as gay folks remember the first time they heard the song "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross. I want to see the fun the audience has as they find themselves not just watching but participating in the show. See that we are all in it together. Feel HOW we are all in this together. At some time in our lives, everybody feels like they are "different" from everybody else; this show lets folks recognize and laugh at the truth of that revelation. That's why I do it. 'Cause who says existential crises can't be fun!


More pics to come

I'll be posting more pictures of my trip in the next few days. I have to download them off of friends' Flickr pages to post here, but don't mind the fact that I have "devil eyes" in every single picture....

Here's just a taste (I'm using our screen names for the captions):

*picture deleted*

Me, Raine, and Lanee with Thisbee (I hope I spelled it right)

*picture deleted*

petemoon having fun with one of crt's birthday presents

*picture deleted*

A group shot of the AAP gang (back row: mondo, LSD, BobR, crt---and one of her babies, petemoon---holding the infamous t-shirt, gounion; front row: gamera, raine, and Lanee)

My eyes look odd because we tried to fix my devil eyes.

And finally, I got to experience my first drag king show. I've been to drag queen shows before, but crt's good friend is an actress and she also does a one-woman show. For crt's birthday, we were treated to a visit from "Bruce":

*picture deleted*

I'll have some more pictures later---even one where I got to be Bruce's Courtney Cox....

12 hours in a car each way but it was *totally* worth it.


Never been so happy to see Hoosiers....

Liquor Barn

Maybe people in kentucky have some great ideas we should snag.


Tasty tidbits 4: this and that

Really expensive cat toy

Thank goodness your co-workers can't read your mind....

Fun with books

Attention Parrotheads: C-U in the Prairibean II at the Office II on July 29th

No not president lincoln...

My nephew was a narrator for his summer school play.

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Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays

My mom turns 66 today so I baked her a cake. We recently moved her down from Chicago to Savoy so her birthday present is a painting of the Chicago skyline at dusk.

I'm going to be traveling this weekend and even though my camera phone is on its last legs, I hope to mobile blog my trip to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Should be a good time. I'm meeting up with some friends for a group birthday bash (three people have a birthday within the next 7 days) on Saturday night.

I'm finishing packing right now. I have to be on the road by 7-7:30am to meet my road trip buddy in Indy. I have two choices:

go to bed early
go to Cameron McGill's show at the Iron Post



Cameron McGill at the Iron Post this Thursday

Since I'm trying to convince some friends to go see Cameron McGill Thursday night at the Iron Post, I decided I'd share it with everyone I can.

I saw him perform about a year or so ago at Nargile. It was *definitely* not what I was expected, but it was also fabulous. He's scheduled to open for Noah Harris from the Elanors. I haven't heard Noah or the Elanors before, but I've heard good things about the Elanors, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Looks like the show starts at 10pm. I've got an email in to the owner of the Iron Post because different web pages have different times, but Paul said he believes that Cameron will start around 10pm. I haven't heard back from him so let's go with 10pm....

The Elanors MySpace page has some samples of their music. Cameron McGill also has a MySpace page and a web page where you can listen to his music.

I'm not good at describing music to others. He labels himself "Indie/Folk/Psychedelic" on MySpace. I just call it good music.


For you World of Warcraft fans....

Once again, I have no idea what this is, but I feel *compelled* to share it.

I know at least a couple people that read this blog play this game. Maybe one of them will tell me what this is....


Celebrity Points!

I play a game with friends called Celebrity Points. If you see a celebrity, you get a point. If you see a person who *looks* like a celebrity and you get one other person to agree with you, you get a point.

My sister saw Alice Cooper at the mall today---he's playing the Virginia tonight. 1 point

On a related note, my nephew's afterschool group leader (who is apparently a football player for Illinois) has told my nephew that he is going to get James Augustine's autograph for my nephew. I think he and other former football and basketball players are in town for some fundraisers this weekend.

Finally, since I *still* get hits because I linked to Kevin Federline's horrible song "popozao," here's a link to a story that says it was Kevin's idea of a joke. Here's a link to his *real* song, America's Most Hated.